Our sustainability projects

Natural resources for life

We all make a contribution to preserving the environment. We feel it is important for natural resources, such as water, air and land, to be available in the long term and to be in good, sustainable condition.

We take our lead from nature, which is why BIOKOSMA is involved in the following sustainable projects.


Aqua Viva

“One of the most important components in BIOKOSMA’s products and the human body is water”, which is why BIOKOSMA supports water protection organisation Aqua Viva.

Aqua Viva is Switzerland’s national water protection organisation. It is committed to protecting and enhancing bodies of water, wetlands and moorland throughout Switzerland. It does so by collaborating on projects, legal and political work and environmental education.

BIOKOSMA has adopted the River Limmat for Aqua Viva, thereby supporting Aqua Viva with its activities associated with Zurich’s river.