Beauty from Swiss plants

Swiss plants are a diverse source of valuable active substances for natural cosmetics.

Switzerland is known for its stunning mountains and lakes, but its flora and fauna also have a lot to offer. The range of different altitudes in Switzerland means that the country has an abundant diversity of plants, which are also constantly being discovered for natural cosmetics. Allow us to introduce you to a selection of Swiss plants, flowers and fruits that are carefully selected and processed for BIOKOSMA natural cosmetic products.


Yellow Gentian

Gentiana Lutea (L.)

This impressive plant can be seen on hikes through the mountains in the summer. It grows to a good 1m and thrives both on chalk and granite soils in the Alpine region. Long appreciated as a folk remedy, it is used to treat a variety of health issues.  Used in cosmetics, it provides a tonifying, antioxidant effect, stimulates cell division, improves the skin's natural barrier and strengthens the connective tissue.

In addition, the valuable plant active ingredient preserves the natural barrier function, activates the cellular repair processes of the skin and can support skin regeneration.

BIOKOSMA uses extract of gentian root for the foam bath «Mountain Dream» bubble bath exclusively from controlled organic cultivation in Switzerland.