All products in the BIOKOSMA hair care line are effective and pleasant to use, while also being gentle on your scalp and hair. High-quality Swiss plant extracts gently cleanse and nourish your hair. Selected ingredients are from certified organic sources.

0% silicones
0% aggressive ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate (SLS)

Shampoos from our natural cosmetics line contain no harsh ingredients or silicones. They are mild, yet effective, without irritating the scalp. If your previous shampoo was silicone-based, you may have to wash your hair several times to remove the silicone build-up from your hair. At first, your hair may appear brittle and dull, but the natural ingredients of the BIOKOSMA shampoos will soon start to unleash their effect. The hair will have a natural sheen and feel silky to the touch. Natural hair care for healthy, beautiful hair.