For many years now, we have chosen socially committed organisations to make up our gift packages, such as the non-profit foundations Stiftung St. Jakob in Zurich and Stiftung Wendepunkt in Muhen, where our gift sets are lovingly compiled by hand.

The Stiftung Wendepunkt offers jobs and traineeships as well as residential or day care places for people with mental impairments or on disability benefits, job seekers, school leavers or asylum seekers at eight locations in the canton of Aargau. The goal is professional and social integration. 

The Stiftung St. Jakob in the heart of Zurich, originally a basket-making operation, has developed into a diverse company offering more than 500 jobs since 1902. Today, they are a business-oriented social enterprise offering people with an impairment market-driven employment in a social environment, thereby promoting their social integration.