Beauty from Swiss plants

Swiss plants are a diverse source of valuable active substances for natural cosmetics.

Switzerland is known for its stunning mountains and lakes, but its flora and fauna also have a lot to offer. The range of different altitudes in Switzerland means that the country has an abundant diversity of plants, which are also constantly being discovered for natural cosmetics. Allow us to introduce you to a selection of Swiss plants, flowers and fruits that are carefully selected and processed for BIOKOSMA natural cosmetic products.



Sambucus nigra (L.)

The elderflower is a branchy shrub or small tree, 1 to 15 metres high. It grows in sunny or semi-shady spots, in gardens, along paths and besides running water. The stem and the sap-filled branches are covered by a greenish-pale bark, the feathered leaves are a strong, vibrant summer green.

The delicate white flowers blossom in June and exude a spicy, slightly bitter fragrance.

The elderflower, an all-rounder, is classed as a native plant and may therefore be harvested on an especially sustainable basis. Elderflower is a popular ingredient in natural cosmetics on account of these qualities and numerous others besides.

Elderflower extract contains essential oils, vitamin C and mineral salts that have a soothing, strengthening effect on skin and hair. The antioxidants protect against free radicals, prevent premature skin ageing and protect the body against cell damage.

A natural multi-talent with numerous premium ingredients to soothe and tone your skin whilst also strengthening your hair and giving it added volume.