Our natural shampoos contain no harsh ingredients or silicones. They are mild, yet effective, without irritating the scalp.

If your previous shampoo was silicone-based, you may have to wash your hair several times to remove the silicone build up from your hair. At first, your hair may appear brittle and dull, but then the natural ingredients of the BIOKOSMA shampoos unfold their nourishing effect.

The shampoos develop a rich, creamy lather. It is not comparable with conventional shampoos, but lather is actually not an indication of cleansing power.

Our Volume Shampoo with ORGANIC elderflower is a very mild shampoo, making it suitable for children as well. However, it is not suitable for babies.

Since grey hair is often very dry, we recommend our intensively nourishing Repair Shampoo with ORGANIC horsetail extract.

With our Repair Conditioner your hair looks soft and beautiful and becomes more manageable. It can be used after every hair wash.

Our Repair Hair Oil invigorates and nourishes the sensitive scalp; it makes dry hair soft and silky.