CLIMATE-NEUTRAL PACKAGING – Cooperation with ClimatePartner


Climate-neutral companies, processes and products are those whose CO2 emissions are calculated and compensated with the support of internationally recognised climate protection projects. In addition to avoidance and reduction, compensating for CO2 emissions is another important step towards holistic climate protection. Climate protection projects have been proved to reduce greenhouse gases and make an important contribution to combating global warming. In addition, they promote sustainable development in the project countries, for example by improving the supply of clean drinking water, expanding the local infrastructure, creating jobs and protecting biodiversity.



As the pioneer in Swiss natural cosmetics, it is our supreme goal to prevent or reduce emissions that damage the environment wherever possible. Because if no emissions take place, no major effort is needed to compensate for them later. Although our BIOKOSMA products are developed and produced in Switzerland and our transport routes are therefore short, CO2 is inevitably emitted in the process. To compensate for this pollution, we support climate protection projects by the ClimatePartner environmental organisation.

Ultimately, the decisive factor for our climate is not the exact part of the world where greenhouse gases are emitted or avoided. The overall balance is key. Emissions caused in one place can therefore also be compensated by saving at another, a long way away.

ClimatePartner first calculates the level of our climate-impacting emissions. The compensation is then effected by certificates confirming that the same volume of emissions has been compensated in climate protection projects. The important element here is that these climate protection projects would not exist without the compensation mechanism; in other words, these are additional, genuine climate projection measures.



Mountain forest project in Switzerland

The consequences of climate change have long been visible in Switzerland as elsewhere. Extreme weather conditions, storms and also pest infestations threaten the ecosystem, and it is costing more and more to repair the damage. This is where the mountain forest project comes in: volunteers look after and maintain the local woodlands at 40 locations in Switzerland under the guidance of experts. One of these places is above the village of Curaglia: storm Vivian destroyed the entire forest here in 1990 and with it the natural protection from avalanches, erosion and landslides. The woodland therefore had to be reforested at speed. Volunteers on this project have planted 80,000 trees since then.

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AÇAÍ PROJECT in the Amazon, Brazil

The Ecomapuá project protects 90,000 hectares of forest and prohibits commercial logging. It creates alternative sources of income for the 94 resident families, such as trading in açaí berries. They are not only popular in Brazil, but are also more and more in demand in industrialised countries as a superfood.

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The manufacture of all BIOKOSMA products with the ClimatePartner logo is 100% climate neutral. You will always find the current status and more information about the compensation of our CO2 emissions online.