What is NATRUE?

ATRUE is an independent international label which indicates that natural cosmetics are certified. It is acknowledged as a mark of the highest standards of naturalness, effectiveness and skin compatibility. The label strengthens consumer trust in genuine natural cosmetics.

New BIOKOSMA natural cosmetic products have carried the NATRUE label since 2010. We use plants that are grown organically in different regions of Switzerland.




Products developed in accordance with the NATRUE standard carry this label.
The following BIOKOSMA products are NATRUE-certified:

Do you ship samples to countries other than Switzerland?

If you are not resident in Switzerland, please contact the BIOKOSMA retail partner in your country to request your free samples. You can find the contact details here

Are BIOKOSMA products tested on animals?

No BIOKOSMA product has been tested on animals. We have always held true to our principle that BIOKOSMA products should be developed without the use of animal testing. New products are also NATRUE-certified. This quality label is your guarantee of genuine natural cosmetics without the use of animal testing. We also strive to ensure the sustainability of the earth's resources.

Do BIOKOSMA products contain minerals oils or paraffins?

BIOKOSMA products only contain plant oils, waxes and extracts. We do not use paraffins or other mineral oils. We also do not use silicone.