Vital Visage

Firming face care – for a radiantly beautiful skin at every age

The skin‘s collagen content declines with age. Wrinkles appear and the skin is less taut. The production of hyaluronic acid also slows down, the skin cells lose their capacity to bind water and the skin becomes drier. The skin needs a different care routine. Vital Visage, the new firming skincare range, is formulated to support mature skin and reinforce its regenerative power.

We can‘t turn back time – but with the help of highly effective power plants from Switzerland such as ORGANIC summer lilac and ORGANIC edelweiss, plus the action of hyaluronic acid and the ORGANIC active ingredient complex Nectapur, the skin can be stimulated to retain moisture and feels firmer overall. For a naturally radiant complexion.

Summer Lilac or Butterfly Bush

Buddleja davidii (L.)

A recognised medicinal plant, summer lilac is used in both internal and external medicine. It is known for its anti-inflammatory action and its capacity to block free radicals. Summer lilac is used for sensitive skin and to combat skin ageing. Its action is delivered by bioactive ingredients such as flavonoids, terpenoids and lignans.

In collaboration with Alpaflor BIOKOSMA only used ORGANIC summer lilac from Valais from controlled organic Swiss cultivation.